January 30, 2017


Fishing became a part of my life when I was 17 years old.

My boyfriend grew up fishing and let me tag along in hopes to build himself a fishing partner.

While I enjoyed being out there, having your significant other teach you can present it’s own challenges and he didn’t understand or know how to help me with a lot of challenges that I faced. Once I worked out most of the kinks and got myself adequate rain gear and clothes for the cold weather, the real passion ignited. We spent our weekends and every day off that we had on the river. My family didn’t understand why I was skipping family parties but it became something that I looked forward to and needed in my life.

There weren’t many women in the industry 11 years ago outside of fly fishing and Steelhead University offered a platform for me to blog on. After about a year of blogging there, Terry Wiest came up with the idea behind Steelhead Girls so that I could be a bit more specific in my intended audience . . . The female angler. This was a place that I could continue my blogs, write reviews specifically intended for women, especially apparel, and give advice for ladies to overcome the challenges that I worked through. 

I get to spend the weekends with my best friend and learn something unlike anything I’ve ever experienced.

“I get to encourage and help other women get past their challenges to focus on the fishing, rather than being cold, feeling discouraged, having sore wrists and leaky waders.”

Jeff and I have different favorites and enjoy different things about fishing, but winter steelhead and spring chinook have always held a special place for me. There’s something rewarding about working for a species so elusive; one that people spend years trying to catch. Being on the water takes away the stresses of my everyday life yet is still something that challenges and grows me every time I’m out. It can be frustrating and defeating, but the sight of finally seeing chrome after going through a dry spell keeps that passion ignited. The first fish of every season is exciting and feels like my first fish all over again.

For more information about Bryanna visit her website at Steelhead Girls.