July 12, 2016


Josiah Darr is one of Oregon’s top young fishing guides.

He’s a very energetic and fun young man to spend a day with. Not to mention he’s very successful and keeping his customers in fish.

Josiah is jack-of-all-trades to say the least. Besides guiding for Salmon and Steelhead throughout the Oregon Coast and Willamette Valley, Josiah is the salesman for Clackacraft Drift Boats and a columnist for Salmon Trout and Steelheader Magazine. He’s also made many television appearances hosting fishing shows such as Angler West and Grant’s Getaways.

Josiah also hosted the very popular instructional DVD’s, Bobberdogging Bait and Beads and Steelhead Bank Fishing.

When fishing for steelhead or salmon fishing with Josiah you can be assured you’ll be getting a front row seat to bobberdogging, backtrolling, jig fishing or whatever the technique the river conditions dictates, all while hopefully fighting one beautiful fish after another.

Contact Info

Josiah Darr

C: 206-660-1490