Bead - Nuclear Pink

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WFO bead "Nuclear Pink". A most obnoxious hot pink, solid "soft" bead. Loaded with WFO magic. The color maybe duplicated but it will "never" be copied. There is simply no substitute for the original. WFO formulated to be soft yet durable to make fish want to hold on. Made by WFO in the U.S.A.

Size and quantities:

8mm - 4 chains, 28 beads

10mm - 4 chains, 28 beads

12mm - 3 chains, 15 beads

14mm - 10 individual beads

16mm - 8 individual beads

18mm - 6 individual beads

20mm - 6 individual beads

Our baits are hand made with the utmost care.

Our colors are like no other with their vibrant bright hues. Soft and pliable. They can be rigged many different ways: float fished, drift fished, side drifted. Almost any way you can think of.

Made In The USA.

WFO exists to bring to you the best selection of quality, hand poured, custom worms.

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